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  • Access our meticulously crafted property service

    Using our industry knowledge, our team fulfils your requests with local knowledge and fidelity. Whether it's finding the perfect property, assisting in the acquisition process, or managing your home, we facilitate everything.

    Luxury Serviced Properties

    Whether you’re in the UK for business or pleasure, we will find the perfect property to match your needs. Ranging from convenient one bedroom apartments through to luxury five-bedroom town houses, we have the local expertise to source the finest properties in London.


    Home Concierge

    At Poised, we believe that a life of effortless luxury starts at home. We therefore, provide you with the conveniences of a hotel with all of the familiar home comforts you are used to. We take care of everything, including maintenance, refurbishments, errand running, cleaning and general housekeeping.


    Short-letting your apartment

    We can transform your home into a luxury serviced residence. With this service, you get the best of both worlds - full access to your property as and when you need it, and an investment opportunity whenever you make your property available for short-term lettings.


    Property Search

    Whether you’re renting or purchasing in London, we have an extensive property search service. From access to exclusive properties, to negotiating with third parties, or even sourcing an expert’s advice, we take care of the small details so you don’t have to.