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    We provide customised solutions depending on individual needs, to ensure that your property is cared for and maintained...

    Looking After Your Home

    At Poised, we believe that a life of effortless luxury starts at home. We therefore, provide you with the conveniences of a hotel with all of the familiar home comforts you are used to. We take care of everything, including maintenance, errand running, cleaning and general housekeeping.

    Time Saving & Convenience

    You have access to a dedicated team to manage your requests. No need to take time out or reschedule your day to let the tradesman in, or accept deliveries.

    Peace Of Mind

    We initiate appropriate action as required, and look after your interests, relieving you of any worry whilst you are away at work or on holiday.

    Handpicked Service Provides

    We continually vet London tradesmen to ensure that we only use companies who provide the very best quality of workmanship.

    Fast Response & Lockout Response

    If you are locked out due to loss or theft of your keys, we can provide rapid response to give you access to your home, and arrange for a locksmith to change the locks.