Ensemble Eating

It cannot be denied that one of the best ways to remember a city is through its culinary experience. While meandering through the streets of London, you are likely to come across a little hidden gem whether it be a typical French brasserie or a charming Italian eatery. However, if you are travelling with a large group of friends and family and do not want to leave anything to chance, we can recommend some fantastic restaurants that will make your evening truly memorable. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester Location: Park Lane, Mayfair Price: Menus from £55 excluding room hire Capacity: Up to 30

Editor’s Pick: Hotel Verta

  The perfect combination of luxury and location is a delicate balance that’s extremely difficult to find; especially when it comes to hotels. Either you’re in the most luxurious room imaginable but a million miles from everything, or you’re in the heart of the City with a room that just doesn’t feel right. But why should you have to compromise?  The Hotel Verta is situated in London’s Vertical Gateway, The London Heliport, Battersea and combines luxury and location expertly. You might have heard hotels advertise themselves in this way before, but there is something special about Verta. The building itself

Investing in Art

  Investing in art has always been a popular past time but it’s only recently that pretty much everyone is starting to get involved. After thinking about this new boom, it seems that people are investigating the art world firstly to indulge in their passion for fine art, and secondly to delve into the exciting investment world. We’ve been chatting with art consultant Susan Mumford to get her views on what you need to know before you invest. Susan originally hails from Arkansas USA and has been active in the London art world for over 10 years. If you’ve got

Game, Set, Match

  What: AEGON Championship When: 11th June – 17th June 2012 Where: Wimbledon- UK   In the year of the Olympics, sporting events are on everyone’s minds, and the AEGON Tennis Championships at The Queens Club, West London, is the location for Wimbledon hopefuls to test their game – and their nerves. Last year saw a first in the history of the competition: two Britons, Andy Murray and James Ward, reached the semi-finals. The games take place from 11 – 17th June 2012, with the best tickets ranging from £60 to £103, or Crown Club members are guaranteed Centre Court


  Love note from our Headstylist…..     So he finally used the excuse of a mid day in February and; plucked up courage to ask you out and you peering coyly through red…errhh rose coloured lenses, said yes.   So now what to wear on this first date, that’s the easy part, so we’ll tackle that first. Your Little black, blue or brown dress will do. It knows your every move, you’re comfortable in it and; you know you are at your most fabulous self in it. Channel Issa, Whistles or Stella or Reiss.   The more difficult part