Time wounds all heels- Making heels work for you

  How often do you admire someone’s carefully styled outfit only to discover that they haven’t taken the time to match the shoes?  Of course often they aren’t practical and at the end of a busy working day sometimes it is much easier to sacrifice style for comfort! Feet specialists at claim that: “wearing high heels day in, day out, will cause shortening of the calf muscles, pressure over the front of the ankles, and cause flattening of the arch across the bridge of your foot – all of which can lead to chronic postural problems”. This sounds like scary

Chain Gang

  Sometimes, there just isn’t time to achieve the wow-factor in everything, but layering your jewellery can be a simple fix for an otherwise dull ensemble. Big, chunky jewellery has been everywhere, and irrespective of your body shape, you can achieve the look by mixing different lengths, textures and colours. Go for big and bold, with the bright colours and simple shapes of Vanessa Arizaga, Kenneth Jay Lane and Angela Caputi. For the more ladylike approach, go for strings of pearls in varying shapes and sizes, or mix it up entirely with beads, wood and metal, a la Pebble London

VIP Film Premieres

VIP Film Premieres Location: London West End     Poised Concierge is delighted to offer you VIP access to London’s most exciting film premieres. Walk the Red Carpet alongside the celebrities and cast of the film amongst the press and screaming fans.   Not only will you get the privilege of being at the first ever UK/World screening of the film but you will have it introduced by members of the cast and crew. After the film is over join the stars in celebrating the film at the official after party where champagne and cocktails are flowing all night.    

What pockets do for my derriere

    As soon as we approach spring, the high street stores will be bringing out the denim and remind us that summer is on its way! The time is gone for hiding beneath that knitted long cardigan. We must dare to bare! If chosen carefully jeans can be a girl’s best friend. Here are some styles and tips to positively accentuate your behind!   For a fuller looking bum… Roxanne- 7for all mankind £155 (   Top tip: Go for smaller pockets that are further apart.   The further apart the pockets, the wider / curvier your bum will

Horsing Around: Stables and Livery Services in London

  When you think of horses you imagine countryside, fields that stretch on forever, but what happens if you enjoy horse riding but live in the city? Thankfully there are a wealth of stables and Livery services available for you; so we’ve done some digging and found the best places in and around London to keep your horses.   Mote End Farm and Livery Stables: Nan Clarks Lane, Mill Hill, London, NW7 4HH More End looks like a postcard picture of the countryside but it is only 10 miles north of Oxford Street and Marble Arch – but you are