Yemi Osunkoya at Kosibah

    Your wedding dress is the single most important item of clothing that you will ever buy, but with so many out there it’s seems nigh on impossible to choose between all the luxury gowns. Kosibah make some the finest gowns that we have ever seen, from wedding dresses through to the evening wear, ethnic dresses and so on, their designs have made the fashion world speechless from their elegance.     Established in London in 1991 by Yemi Osunkoya, the brand has gone from strength to strength with celebrated clients ranging from actresses, to beauty queens, singers and

We heart Hermes

  Surely the most coveted of all luxury fashion items, Hermes bags hold a status all of their own. Gossip surrounding the brand speaks of lengthy waiting lists and princely sums, while pictures of the Birkin bag on the arms of celebrities makes it one of the most recognised accessories in the world. For many, it’s simply the trusted travelling companion of the fashion forward – timeless and well-constructed, it’s an investment.   The Hermes family started up business in the late nineteenth century making saddles and harnesses. It wasn’t until 1922, when Emile-Maurice Hermes’ wife complained that there were

The Secret to an Organised Handbag

It’s always the way; you get to your front door and start to rummage around looking for your keys but there’s so many bits and bobs in there you spend about ten minutes trying to find them. Instead of settling for this conundrum, we’ve looked around for some of the best organising accessories to ensure you don’t get left out in the rain.         Mulberry Organiser If you’re as busy as we are then an organiser is a must have, but no ordinary one will do. Mulberry’s black natural leather planner is stylish and practical. It has

Parks in the City

  When you’re on a day out in London it is hard not to spend your entire day at the attractions, dining in a Michelin star restaurant or visiting the shops; but London also has some of the best parks in the country to offer.   Green Park You might not think that Green Park could be one of the most peaceful places in London but it is a surprisingly relaxing part of the City. Green Park is an oasis within the heart of London, perfect if you want to escape to for a walk after dinner or to catch

London Restaurant Festival

  When: 1 – 15 October 2012 Where: Various locations Now in its third year, the London Restaurant Festival is a celebration of all things culinary in the capital, encompassing a diverse range of restaurants, foods and locations. In its first year, the festival saw 400 restaurants across London running special festival menus and 10,000 meals enjoyed by Londoners and visitors – and it keeps on growing.   The festival is made up of different elements – events, festival menus, and side orders. Previous events have included the Fortnum and Mason Culinary Carnival, where Michelin Star chefs prepared signature dishes