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  • Exploring the wonder of Louboutin

    Lifestyle | 10th May 2017

    When it comes to shoes, nothing evokes style and sophistication more than a pair of Christian Louboutin's. They go with any occasion and are a staple item in any shoe lovers’ home. If you’re as obsessed with these elegant shoes as we are, then a trip to the Design Museum the 28th March and 1st July is essential. They have put together the UK’s first retrospective exhibition of Christian Louboutin’s designs – cementing the French designer’s status as one of the greatest shoe designers of all time (if not the greatest ever).




    Celebrating a fashion career spanning 20 years, this exhibition is a once in a lifetime chance to see the exclusive designs that have shaped the fashion world for two decades. You will spend the day surrounded by the glamorous stilettos, animal print heels, studded sneakers, jewelled pumps and daring boots. If you’re worried that you might of seen it all before, don’t be worried there will be some rare designs on display to feed your shoe craving. If you’re slightly tempted to go on a shopping trip afterwards then it is a short trip into central London.




    As well as being surrounded by these phenomenal pieces of art, the exhibition will take you on an exploration through the design process. From the first hand drawing to the prototype, the production and the final breathtaking product, you will get to see how one man’s vision takes form. Louboutin’s shoes are the epitome of grace and elegance, so for anyone who loves shoes (and we know there are a fair few of you out there) a day out to the Design Museum is an absolute must and possibly a once in a life time event.



    Based on the River Thames, The Design Museum is easy to get to and it’s a short journey into central London if you get the urge to pop into a shop and pick up a fabulous pair of Louboutin’s. With an array of restaurants surrounding the museum you can finish off your day with a relaxing meal or a glass of champagne.

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