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    Home & Accomodation | 21st June 2017



    It can be a little daunting coming and going, moving all your favourite items back and forth, forgetting important tasks in-between all the hustle and bustle, how wonderful would it be to just have a duplicate of everything that makes home feel special everywhere you go?


    Perhaps you think of London as your home, but, whether for business or pleasure, frequently have to leave. Or maybe you keep a second home in the UK that you often visit, but doesn’t quite feel like home. In which case, we’d like to introduce you to home concierge; a warm and indulging service that allows you to go about your travels comforted by the knowledge that you will be greeted by a place you can call home!


    The wonderful thing about home concierge is that you can look forward to the bespoke pleasures of a hotel in a familiar surrounding that caters to your every need; whether it be housekeeping, dry cleaning or an interior makeover. We make sure you never have to worry about the little things like stocking the fridge on those overwhelming days when you’ve flown in late, tired and ready for bed, instead you can come home to a delightful selection of groceries to suit your requirements. Don’t worry about being too tired to cook those groceries the next day, we can also provide a personalised meal delivery service to get you on your feet.


    It’s not all about delicious food and home comforts though! We’re also on hand for spa treatments when you’re feeling a little run down and just want to stay in, be pampered and relax. With our convenient gift and ticket sourcing services at your disposal, all you ever have to worry about is enjoying that sought-after occasion or memorable birthday celebration, and we’ll make sure you always look your very best for those exclusive events via our expert personal styling options.


    Home concierge means you can travel with your mind at ease, knowing that home awaits without ever having to compromise on luxury because it’s only a phone call away. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch with the dedicated Poised team.

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