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    Lifestyle | 11th May 2017

    Parks in the city?

    When you’re on a day out in London it is hard not to spend your entire day at the attractions, dining in a Michelin star restaurant or visiting the shops; but London also has some of the best parks in the country to offer.


    Green Park

    You might not think that Green Park could be one of the most peaceful places in London but it is a surprisingly relaxing part of the City. Green Park is an oasis within the heart of London, perfect if you want to escape to for a walk after dinner or to catch a breath of fresh air. Green Park isn’t the stereotypical park to visit whilst in London but it delivers on beautiful scenery and excellent views.


    Hyde Park

    A trip to London isn’t complete without a visit to Hyde Park – and with the Winter Wonderland on at the moment it is an essential visit that will keep every child and adult happy. With open air events taking place all year and its central location, Hyde Park is the quintessential park in London and is so vast that you will get lost in its beauty..


    Regents Park

    Fancy going to a zoo that hosts exotic animals whilst remaining in the heart of London? That is exactly what Regents Park offers you. Designed by renowned architect John Nash, Regents Park is the place to visit if you want to either see the animals, the stunning rose gardens, a performance at the Open Air theatre or if you simply want to relax under a tree.


    Hampstead Heath

    Is the best view of London from the London Eye, or is it looking at Buckingham Palace, or is it Oxford Street at Christmas? Sometimes people forget that Hampstead Heath offers one of the best views in London. Stand on top of Parliament Hill and take in the panoramic view of England’s capitals. Hampstead Heath is great to visit all year round, explore the grassland, the lakes or simply sit and take in the breathtaking view.

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