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  • The London Restaurant Festival

    Lifestyle | 11th May 2017

    When: 1-15 October 2012

    Where: Various locations


    Now in its third year, the London Restaurant Festival is a celebration of all things culinary in the capital, encompassing a diverse range of restaurants, foods and locations. In its first year, the festival saw 400 restaurants across London running special festival menus and 10,000 meals enjoyed by Londoners and visitors – and it keeps on growing.


    The festival is made up of different elements – events, festival menus, and side orders. Previous events have included the Fortnum and Mason Culinary Carnival, where Michelin Star chefs prepared signature dishes for shoppers, and the Britdish, which saw renowned chefs reinterpret some of Britain’s best loved meals. Other events returning will include the annual debate, this year chaired by newsreader Kirsty Young, and the gourmet odyssey – a road trip to three different restaurants for three different courses. Festival menus offer individual restaurants a chance to get involved by showcasing their establishment’s individuality, style and creativity – and give you the chance to find new and exciting culinary experiences across the capital.


    For your side orders, you might like to partake of the Pizza Express Mayoral Election, following the popularity of each candidate based on that of pizzas sporting their faces. Or there’s The Minotaur - a food, music and art experience in The Old Vic Tunnels debuting Pret-a-Diner. You can also choose from cheese and wine tasting, a Chinese tasting tour, and a Cockney meal, not to mention the Street Kitchens and Bistroteque pop-up.  


    If the London Restaurant Festival sounds like your cup of tea, the Poised team can help organise the details of your visit, whether it finding you accommodation or organising transportation for the duration of your stay. We can even help you put together the perfect outfits for each event. Get in touch with Poised to find out more about the event and our services.


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