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  • 51 Buckingham- Jaguar Suite

    Home & Accomodation | 10th May 2017

    51 Buckingham Gate – The Jaguar Suite

    Most car fanatics can leave their obsessions in the garage at the end of the night, but now at 51 Buckingham Gate you can sleep and explore their exclusive and beautifully designed Jaguar suite. The suite has been open for a few months and is the first of its kind. Overseen by Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum, this suite marks the emergence of a new breed of hotel suite.



    If you think that cars and luxury hotel design doesn’t mix then think again. The subtle design starts outside the front door of your suite, look down and you can see tiles in the shape of the original Jaguar badge. Open the doors and you are welcomed into a suite that combines luxury, practicality as well as the ethos of Jaguar.



    The 1832 square foot suite is quintessentially Jaguar. The pictures on the walls are a car fans dream and the leather on the walls is identical to those used in Jaguars. They even have the face of the Jaguar on the wallpaper and the shape of the car emblazoned in the fire place. As you walk around the Suite there are understated touches that litter the rooms. In the study there are decorative cars guaranteed to thrill Jaguar fans and even the sleek dining table evokes Jaguar’s sophistication and style.



    With two bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms, this suite is perfect if you are looking to gather a few friends together for an exciting weekend. You can explore the wonders of the suite as well as taking a trip to Buckingham Palace and heading to Harrods to indulge in some shopping. 51 Buckingham Gate work closely with Harrods and offer a loyalty scheme and private shopping. You can also experience a day of off-roading with their Landrover partnership before returning to the suite, lying back and relaxing in this exclusive one of a kind suite.


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