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  • With Poised, Luxury is a Lifestyle...

    Poised Concierge is dedicated to making life easier. Our business ethos is forged on the principle that serving clients is more than simply accomplishing a task - it's about enriching our clients' lives and creating memorable experiences.

    Our years of experience in the luxury concierge industry have opened us up to what it truly means to provide genuinely bespoke services. As such, you can rely on us to fulfil your every request impeccably.

    Our Vision

    Defining the global standards for international luxury concierge.

    Our Mission

    To enrich lives - one extraordinary experience at a time.

    Our Partners

    A handpicked selection of partners.

    We work with a team of carefully selected, expert service providers, who consistently surpass the expectations of our discerning clientele. Our partners are master craftsmen of their respective industries, ensuring you consistently enjoy seamless, first-rate service.

    Our People

    Poised Concierge is comprised of a talented team of event planners, stylists and personal assistants, and like our clients, we come from a diverse array of backgrounds. We possess a wealth of combined knowledge and unique experiences which enable us to meet needs in an exceptionally bespoke fashion.