Where to stay during your renovation


Whether knocking down a few walls or simply exchanging the décor for something new, inspiration struck and you decided to give your home an overhaul. With the plans settled and the contractors moving in, you’re faced with the prospect of cramming you, all of your valued possessions, and (even worse) the rest of the family into a hotel room. Inconvenient is an understatement.


The alternative is a short let on a property, which can offer you all the comforts of home when you’re not in your own. Imagine being able to cook the children their favourite meals in the kitchen, and letting them play safe and sound in their own rooms. Or perhaps your favourite tipples in the fridge and your dinner when you want it. Short letting a property during this busy time means you enjoy the space, freedom and privacy you need from a home while you perfect your own.


Poised can help. With excellent contacts in the property business, we can help you find the perfect home for your short let, whatever your requirements. Get in touch with the Poised team to find out how we can help during or renovation or redecoration. 

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