Operation Visit


If you’re visiting for medical reasons, whether its 3 months or half the year, accommodation is important. Once you have been referred to a hospital or chosen a private hospital, finding somewhere to stay while you’re in the UK is next on the agenda. You want to be comfortable and relaxed – and feeling at home is key to your recuperation. Poised can help you choose the best property for you, whether you want peace and quiet or to be close to your hospital – our property finding service tailors our search to your requirements, searching a variety of estate agents, developers and homeowners for the best options.


During your visit, we also have a variety of hospitality options to match your needs, whether its errands to be run, shopping, or arranging leisure activities. Poised can provide you with groceries, cleaning service, transport, and even a spa at home. We are on hand to provide you with information and ensure you have everything you need for a restful stay.


Poised will be there to think of all the details of your stay, so all you have to do is think about your health, wellbeing, and, most importantly, getting better. 

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