Property Finding with Poised


Searching for that perfect property and moving house is stressful at the best of times – deciding which home is right for you, whether you’d rather be closer to town or closer to the children’s school, packing up all your things, and eventually unpacking them all again. Poised offers a property finding service that can save you time and energy, and help make this process as smooth as possible – but we often get asked: “What is the difference between an Estate Agent and the Poised property finding service?” Read on to find out how the Poised property finding service could help make your search as simple as possible.


Poised search across a variety of estate agents, homeowners and developers. Without a set portfolio, we can search through properties based on your specific brief, your personal requirements, and try to find a property that matches them.


Doing this preliminary search for you, Poised culminate any and all important information in one place. You only have one contact and one number to keep hold of, rather than a multitude of estate agents names and viewings floating around your organiser/blackberry/iPhone. Well, you can’t be expected to remember all those details!


As we culminate all that information for you, we pre-select and shortlist only the properties that specifically meet your requirements. We take a holistic approach, taking everything into account, from proximity to work and school, to the direction of the sun. At our preliminary viewings, we get to know the ins and outs of the property – we notice snags, problems and details, so the root of a leak or the cause of some mould is not something you have to worry about. By viewing the properties first, we ensure you don’t have to look at any home not up to scratch.


In finding the perfect property, you need someone who is working solely for you, giving you independent and honest feedback, and helping you get your perfect property at the perfect price. We help you negotiate the price and work hard to ensure you get your perfect property at the perfect price.


Finally, once you’ve found your new home, we don’t have to disappear into the sunset. You’ll have new challenges to deal with – and Poised can help you with everything from interior design to setting up utilities.


You might just get used to having us around.


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