Protecting your empty home


Murphy’s Law is dangerous for people who are always on the move. If you’re always travelling, it’s hard to keep track of things at home. The outcome of all this movement is an unwelcome return to a cold musty property, an empty fridge and undelivered packages. A frequent flyer’s worst case scenario can include void home insurance – if your property is empty for more than 14 or 28 days – frozen pipes, and even squatters. 

However, this visual can be changed. Imagine instead a return to an immaculate flat. Your post and packages sit on the hall table. The rooms smell of lavender air freshener and your dry cleaning hangs neatly in the closet. The fridge is stocked with all your favourites: muesli, salmon and wine. Poised have let workmen in to complete the improvements your home needed, or ensured you get tickets to a show. It can feel as though you never left, returning to the same aired, warm home, to finally curl up in the same crisp clean sheets. The benefit of this option is everyone’s dream: the luxury of being in two places at once.

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